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We believe online communities should be democratic, free, and clean.
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Owned by everyone

No administrators. No single person owns the community. Instead, members with high reputation have moderations powers.

When at least two people agree with you, you get some reputations points per agree. Points unlock special privileges.


Interesting comment

Summarized discussions

No more pages of comments to read through.
Interesting comments are highlighted and other comments are folded.

Mobile forums

It's about time.

Iroquote is built with responsive design, so the website looks always great on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Quote a paragraph

The best way to direct reply. Simply click on a 'quote' button on any paragraph, and your comment will refer it.

No more confusion with multiple threads, no messy quotation BB code.



Discussions can be organized by assigning as many tags as you wish. Use only one tag per discussion and you get categories like in traditional forums.

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